Our AI-powered influencer search engine helps you maximize your reach — while minimizing your campaign costs.

GOinfluencer seeks to help small and medium-sized businesses achieve the marketing power of a large enterprise, by reaching their target audiences in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Our Approach to Influencer Search

Businesses around the world want to reach out to maximum target customers possible with minimum marketing costs. Influencer marketing is the most efficient and cheapest way to this if done rightly. We are an AI powered advanced search engine which goes through all social media platforms and suggest you the right set of influencers who can help you reach your target audience.

Influencer Marketing Approach

We Help Brands...

Influencer Search Approach

...find the perfect influencer partner.

Influencer Marketing Approach

...discover the most relevant and reliable information about the influencer.

Influencer Analytics Approach

...understand all the analytics we use by presenting the information clearly.

Influencer Marketing Approach

...minimize the cost of marketing, and maximize ROI.

GOinfluencer Search

GOinfluencer Search

  • AI powered advanced search engine which suggests right set of influencers to promote your brand.
  • Influencer list sorted by GOinfluencer score (ranking of influencers based on various factors).
  • Select influencers based on different factors such as: marketing budget, influencer followers, influencer follower loyalty, engagement rate, ROI etc.

GOinfluencer Analytics

  • In depth analytics of each influencer based on his/her profile across all social media platforms.
  • Comparative analysis among different shortlisted influencers.
  • Data-Driven Insights to Efficiently Run Your Campaigns.
GO Analytics
GO Campaigns

GOinfluencer Campaigns

  • Create Influencer Marketing Campaigns comprising of different sets of influencers (Mega, Macro, Micro and nano).
  • Track and Monitor your campaign expenditure, budget and offers.
  • Measure campaign performance and maximize ROI.

If you are an Influencer, you are a BRAND in the market.

  • Brand Connect
    Your Brand
    We help you build your brand through using data analytics and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Brand Connect
    Detailed Analytics
    We provide detailed analytics of your profile.
  • Competitor Analysis
    Competitor Analysis
    We help you analyze competitors and let you know what others are doing better than you.
  • Loyal followers
    Loyal Followers
    We suggest how to increase loyal followers.
GO Brand Connect


  • See my followers profile, loyalty, engagement analytics etc.
  • Analytics around different posts and comparison with other influencers in the same industry.
  • Time series representation of your growth on the platform.
GOinfluencer Academy

Influencer Academy

  • Get to know best practices around growing your brand in the influencer market backed by data analytics.
  • Listen to the success stories and learn how to create a niche for yourself.
  • Get to know what (content/posts/videos) attracts followers and increases follower loyalty and engagement ratio.

We believe in numbersGOinfluencer Partner

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Clients served till now

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Harsha Vardhan

Harsha Vardhan

Founder & CEO - ANYPAD

Connecting influencers individually will be more challenging & time taking for any project, GOinfluencer is one stop solution for connecting quality influencers in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.




GOinfluencer is set to become the crypto influencer hub that's still missing in the market. No more manual influencer outreach and contact. Time and nerves are saved!.




GO Campaign looked really good and your methodology is great.



Project Lead - RocketX

GOinfluencer breaks all the barriers and gives you the access to the best influencers with just a click of a button which saves a lot of time and effort. The fact that you can initiate a campaign with just a few clicks and monitor performance in real-time is a game changer!

Influencer PartnersGOinfluencer Partner

GOinfluencer Partner Didi
Didi Taihuttu
GOinfluencer Partner John Squire
John Squire
GOinfluencer Partner Helin ULKER
GOinfluencer Partner Chihiro


GOinfluencer CEO Arpit Jain
Arpit Jain
CEO & Head of Product
Ex-SAP and IIMB Alumni with profound experience in building and scaling Products from scratch.
GOinfluencer CTO Ishank Gulati
Ishank Gulati
Ex-Gozefo with profound experience in building products that touches the lives of millions of people.
GOinfluencer COO Ram Prasad VS
Ram Prasad V S
COO & Chief Data Officer
ISB Alumni with profound background in Data Analytics. Specializes in making data speak.

AdvisorsGOinfluencer Advisors

GOinfluencer Advisor IAN Friend
Ian Friend
Co-Founder at Ferrum Network
GOinfluencer Advisor Ferrum Network
Ferrum Advisory Services

Strategic InvestorsGOinfluencer Partner

GOinfluencer Partner Anypad
Ferrum Network
GOinfluencer Partner Smart Liquidity
Synapse Ventures
GOinfluencer Partner RVF
Grizzly Capital
GOinfluencer Partner Ferrum Network
SWGI Investments
GOinfluencer Partner NetVrk
Blockpact Capital
GOinfluencer Partner Revolve Games
Rikx Capital

Clients & PartnersGOinfluencer Partner

GOinfluencer Partner Anypad
GOinfluencer Partner Smart Liquidity
Smart Liquidity
GOinfluencer Partner RVF
Rocket Vault
GOinfluencer Partner Ferrum Network
GOinfluencer Partner Grizzly Capital
GOinfluencer Partner NetVrk
GOinfluencer Partner Revolve Games
Revolve Games
GOinfluencer Partner Moon Edge
GOinfluencer Partner GAINS ASSOCIATES
Gains Associates
GOinfluencer Partner Big Block Games
Big Block Games
GOinfluencer Partner Bit Hotel
Bit Hotel
GOinfluencer Partner Dorac
GOinfluencer Partner Efun
GOinfluencer Partner Lithium Ventures
Lithium Ventures
GOinfluencer Partner Xpansion
GOinfluencer Partner Gov World
Gov World
GOinfluencer Partner Project Inverse
Project Inverse
GOinfluencer Partner King Data
King Data
GOinfluencer Partner Shambala
GOinfluencer Partner Supra Oracles
Supra Oracles
GOinfluencer Partner Formless

RoadmapGOinfluencer Roadmap

GOinfluencer Next GOinfluencer Next

Media MentionsGOinfluencer Partner

Success StoriesGOinfluencer Partner

Success Story Gamestation

GOinfluencer Success Stories: GameStation

GameStation is a multi-chain community-oriented gaming incubator and launchpad.GameStation will also allow users access to an NFT marketplace where they can buy and sell in-game items easily.

Success Story Cryptia

GOinfluencer Success Stories #2: Cryptia

Cyptia is a NFT-based open-world game, where gamers may hire Adventurers, explore Ruins, and find unique items in a full-scale blockchain fantasy RPG.

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